This is a space to tell stories. 

The purpose of this corner of the web is…catharsis, remembrance, validation, storytelling, connection, awareness, learning, curiosity, hope. It always has to be about hope. And joy. Joy is good, too.

I do not know as much as I hopefully will one day, but right now I know that I love stories, and the stories that I love the best are the ones that make me feel something, even if that something is heartbreak. It is my burning desire to tell stories, via words and sounds and visuals, that are true, that are empathetic and interesting and nuanced and layered. I want to be apart of stories that are honest and tragic and hopeful and beautiful. I want to tell stories that make you feel something, and hopefully make you want to do something. 

In an effort to more clearly define my purpose and goals for this space, here is most of what you will find here: personal stories/writing that hopefully connect to a universal thread, storytelling via series of photographs, and movie/book reviews. It is my dirty little secret that I want to make a movie one day. The thread of storytelling that began with words and progressed to photography is now whispering to me that maybe I can even stretch to experiment with moving pictures. So in order to begin learning, I will watch and I will write about what I see. Though I have nothing against lifestyle blogs, that isn't the focus here. You'll only read about what I ate for breakfast if it is relevant to the story. Story is queen. 

Still, I oftentimes get distracted by what I should be doing, or what so and so is already doing, that I've stopped myself before I've even begun. Either I've sold a million copies or I've won the Oscar, I've gone completely unnoticed or I'm already dead. Too often I listen to that quiet, persistent voice in my head that has me persuaded to give up before I've begun, instead of just writing down the damn words, telling the stories and doing my life's work while quietly humming and singing along to Adele or Hamilton or Sufjan or Kendrick. 

I'm currently crafting stories from Raleigh, NC by way of Chicago and before that, Vancouver, BC. I grew up in suburbia and didn't experience city life until I was 26 years old. So far, those city years have been some of my favorite years of my adult life. I miss being able to walk my kids to school and run down to the corner store when I forgot an onion for dinner. I miss our tree lined street in Chicago's Lincoln Park with a playground at the end of the road. The bustle, the energy, the cars, the many different cultures. City life broke me open in the best possible way, and I struggle now to put myself back together having learned what I've learned, seen what I've seen, knowing there is more to learn, more to see. And yet, this struggle of piecing together an identity, this tension--it's where the best stories live.